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Chemotherapy Ward

Chemotherapy Ward

When you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer and prescribed a regimen of cancer-fighting treatment it helps to understand more about the disease and the options open to you. At our Chemotherapy Ward you will find a team of caring medical professionals who take the time to provide you with the information and advice you need to understand your options. Knowing what to expect and being in an environment that is conducive to your healing can make a difficult journey more bearable.

Cancer is a disease that causes abnormal cells in a specific part of the body to grow and reproduce uncontrollably. Chemotherapy is a cocktail of strong drugs that is designed to destroy cancer cells.

Chemotherapy helps to:

  • Stop the cancer from spreading
  • Slow the growth of the cancer
  • Relieve symptoms such as pain caused by cancer

What sets us apart

Take a look at what differentiates the Chemotherapy Ward from the rest. You’ll see that we really do offer you a better experience all round.

  • Asiri is the only private hospital to have a dedicated ward for chemotherapy
  • All your medical needs will be handled by a dedicated and experienced team of nursing staff

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